Life Science

Life Science

  • From measurements in liquids to solid samples or soft tissues in life science varied samples are analyzed on a regular basis. With their convenient handling and versatile analytical capabilities the flexible WITec imaging systems provide the opportunity to adjust the imaging technique to changing requirements and are particularly well-suited for life science. The samples can be comprehensively characterized regarding their biochemical and physical properties and depth profiles and 3D images can be generated to visualize the results in a clear and accessible manner.

    WITec’s highly versatile instruments can combine various imaging techniques to significantly increase the insights provided by measurement results. Possible combinations which can be included in a single microscope setup include confocal Raman imaging, Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Nearfield-Microscopy (SNOM) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). Confocal Raman imaging provides chemical information, AFM detects topography, structure, and physical properties such as stiffness, adhesion, etc. of the sample’s surface, and SNOM high-resolution measurements can optically reach beyond the diffraction limit. All WITec instrument configurations can be upgraded at any point to adapt the system to new or extended requirements.

  • WITec Raman Cell SWCNT
    Confocal Raman image of an eukaryotic cell incubated with carbon-nano-tubes. Image on top: Scan in x-y- direction; Image on bottom: The depth-scan in z-direction reveals that the cell is penetrated by a nano-tube.

Application Examples

  • WITec Raman Brain Tissue
    Confocal Raman image of a hamster brain tissue.
  • WITec AFM Chromosome
    AFM image of a human chromosome.
  • WITec SNOM Cell
    SNOM image of a nucleus.
  • WITec Raman HeLa Cell
    AFM image of a HeLa cell.
  • WITec Raman Wood Cell
    Confocal Raman image of a wood cell.
  • WITec Raman SEM Brain Tissue
    RISE Microscopy (Raman-SEM) image of a brain tissue.

Imaging Systems for Life Science



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