Polymers have an important place in modern materials science. Due to the varying mechanical and chemical properties of polymers, they are used in almost every field of application and are important for the development of new materials with demanding requirements. WITec imaging systems enable comprehensive sample analysis that provides a thorough characterization of the physical and chemical properties of the polymers on the nanometer scale.

WITec’s highly versatile instruments can combine various imaging techniques to significantly increase the insights provided by measurement results. Possible combinations which can be included in a single microscope setup include confocal Raman imaging, Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Nearfield-Microscopy (SNOM) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). Confocal Raman imaging provides chemical information, AFM detects topography, structure, and physical properties such as stiffness, adhesion, etc. of the sample’s surface, and SNOM high-resolution measurements can optically reach beyond the diffraction limit. All WITec instrument configurations can be upgraded at any point to adapt the system to new or extended requirements.

WITec Raman SEM Polymer

RISE Microscopy (Raman-SEM) of a polymer blend.

Application Examples

WITec Raman AFM Modes Polymers

Raman AFM images of a polymer blend (same sample area).

WITec AFM phase fluoralkane

AFM phase image of long chain polymer molecules.

WITec Raman Depth Profile Polymer Coating

Confocal Raman depth profile (z-direction) of a adhesive polymeric layer on a paper substrate.

Imaging Systems for Polymer Research


  • Application Note Raman Depth Profiling of Polymer Coatings

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    (116 KB)
  • Application Note Polypropylene

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    (173 KB)
  • Application Note PS-PEP-PMMA Polymers

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    (372 KB)
  • Application Note Temperature Analysis of Polymers with AFM

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    (1.7 MB)
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