cryoRaman – Cryogenic Raman Imaging Microscope

cryoRaman – Cryogenic Raman Imaging

  • cryoRaman Keyvisual web
  • cryoRaman brings Raman imaging with unmatched spatial resolution to very low temperature measurements. It was developed for researchers investigating materials that reveal novel properties when cooled to near absolute zero. By combining the performance and modularity of the alpha300 microscope series with advanced cryostat and nanopositioner technology, experiments down to 1.8K in high magnetic fields are made easily accessible and configurable.   

    Designed to meet existing and emerging challenges, cryoRaman offers a robust standard feature set that can be augmented through an extensive range of options.

Key Features

Application Examples

    • WSe2 120K web
      Raman image of tungsten diselenide (WSe2) recorded at 120K. Areas with one (green), two (blue) and three (red) layers were clearly identified from their Raman spectra.
    • MoS2 WSe2 2K web
      Raman image of a MoS2/WSe2 heterostructure recorded at 2K. The colors represent different layer numbers, compositions and orientations.
    • MoS2 2K B Pol dep Raman web
      Polarization- and magnetic field-dependent Raman images of single- and multi-layer MoS2 at 2K. The A’1 /E’ intensity ratio is color coded. The polarizer and analyzer were oriented perpendicular or parallel to each other as indicated.
  • WSe2 cryoRaman T dep PL web
    Temperature-dependent shift of photoluminescence (PL) spectra for WSe2. The PL images at different temperatures (300K, 200K, 50K and 2K) are color coded according to the PL peak position. The normalized PL spectra for each temperature are color coded accordingly, with solid and dashed lines representing spectra from the center and the outer edges of the single layer, respectively.



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