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WITec Newsletter Spring 2018

Spring is in full bloom and nature is announcing its renewal in vibrant colors and fresh breezes. WITec has announcements to make and new developments to reveal as well. A new Raman spectral database software can sift through the tones of your acquired data to unlock its meaning and an inverted Raman microscope can show you samples of the living world from below. Confocal Raman Microscopy, edited by WITec team members, has also been thoroughly refreshed.


We wish you a wonderful season and success in exploring the natural world.


Sonja Breuninger
Technical Marketing & PR

Dr. Sonja Breuninger
Technical Marketing & PR

SOON: Webinar - Correlative Raman Imaging and SEM (RISE Microscopy) - New Approaches in Chemical and Structural Analysis

On May 15th at 4:00 pm GMT, Dr. Ute Schmidt from WITec and Dr. Fang Zhou from ZEISS will together present a webinar detailing recent advances in RISE Microscopy, with a focus on the Sigma 300 RISE system. The advantages of the correlative approach will be demonstrated, an overview of the hardware and software environment will be provided and example measurements will be presented.


alpha300 Ri Inverted Raman Microscope

WITec has launched a new addition to its alpha300 series of confocal Raman microscopes that enables data acquisition from below. The alpha300 Ri combines the advantages of an inverted beam path with all the established merits of 3D confocal Raman imaging. Research applications in the fields of life sciences, biomedicine and pharmaceutics will benefit in particular from the new setup.


TrueMatch Integrated Raman Spectral Database Software

WITec has introduced a powerful software component for accessing and creating Raman spectral databases. TrueMatch is fully integrated with the WITec Project FIVE software environment and allows users to identify sample components by drawing on existing databases while compiling their own from acquired spectra. This greatly accelerates the characterization process and turns meaningful results into a valuable resource.


Confocal Raman Microscopy 2nd Edition

Confocal Raman Microscopy, edited by members of the WITec team and part of the Springer Series in Surface Sciences, has been thoroughly revised and expanded for its 2nd Edition. It has nearly doubled in number of chapters and now explores the rapidly evolving field of correlative microscopy. The update of what has become the established reference for the technique is now available in bookstores or directly from Springer.


Upcoming Exhibitions and Seminars

May 24

 WITec Workshop – Gothenburg, Sweden 

June 10 - 15

 SPEC 2018 – Glasgow, Scotland

June 11 - 15

 ACHEMA 2018 – Frankfurt, Germany

June 19 - 21

 E-MRS Spring 2018 – Strasbourg, France

June 26 - 28

 Graphene 2018 – Dresden, Germany